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The advantages of EasyClocking’s cloud based time & attendance

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It’s all included

Your subscription includes the software, updates,technical support, hosting costs,managed backup service, security and system administration.

Easy to implement - no software to install

Since, the solution is delivered via the Internet; Our cloud based software completely eliminates installation and setup at the customer’s end. Users can be up and running in minutes at times.
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Zero infrastructure & lower cost

Investing in expensive infrastructure is no longer required. All large initial investments on hardware, licenses, databases, ongoing overheads of employing and training IT staff, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades are managed by us.

Stellar up time 99.9% guarantee

EasyClocking is committed to providing its customers with an outstanding experience with system availability. EasyClocking’s enterprise-grade redundant infrastructure enables it to provide world-class uptime, averaging 99.9% for more than the past two years.
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Time clock replacement

Have peace of mind that you will always have a working time clock. As long as your subscription is on good standing, we will replace the time clock associated with the online account. (Extended Warranty Purchase Required / Shipping Charges May Apply)

Lifetime technical support

Get the help you deserve from our fully-trained team of time & attendance experts. For no additional charge, you can reach us from 9am to 7pm EST, via phone, email or chat to get friendly, detailed answers to your burning questions.
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Security like a bank

EasyClocking’s comprehensive and flexible application security incorporates 256-bit encryption standards, enterprise-grade password policies, role-based field-level security similar to that of online banking.

State of the art server infrastructure

EasyClocking relies upon a sophisticated server farm environment and uses separate servers for SQL databases, reporting and Web services so each can be optimized to their highest performance.
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Scales with your growing business

Our hosting is designed to grow with your business. Whether you’re running a small mom & pop operation or an enterprise level conglomerate, rest assure that our flexible cloud architecture will help meet your most demanding traffic needs.

Data is safe & secure

Our best-in-class data center includes professional 24×7 monitoring, automatic daily backups, disaster recovery and business continuity services. Our infrastructure incorporates multiple levels of redundancy to guard against failure.

No contract - pay as you go

EasyClocking cloud time & attendance solution is a pay as you go service with no long term lock-in. You can cancel, upgrade and downgrade your account at any time.

Get the latest & greatest updates

Software updates and renewals are also included with our cloud time & attendance software and occur several times a year at no cost to the customer. This ensures that the software, and user interface remains modern and up-to-date with business demands.
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