Xenio F1000® Touchless
Face Recognition Time Clock

The most advanced contactless and hygienic face recognition time clock in the industry.

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Contactless verification

Face Recognition
Using the latest advances in vision and image processing we are able to collect more geometric data points and contours of the user’s face allowing for a highly-secure, ultra-fast face identification under any lighting condition.

Hygienic, touchless, contactless

A Healthy Workplace
Your employees can clock-in & out completely hands-free just by looking at the face recognition camera, thereby eliminating contact and the spread of germs.

Employee punches in real time

Real-Time Data

Get employee data in real-time with our cloud based software, featuring built in WiFi and POE. The Xenio F1000 can also work offline, allowing you to always collect employee data and have it safely stored for when you go back online.

Managing health & safety during COVID-19

The New Normal
Due to COVID-19 companies are changing the way employees punch in and out for work, managing the spread of germs is now a priority in the workplace. The Xenio F1000 helps you keep your workforce healthy.
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