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EasyClocking provides unmatched time and attendance software with features such as job costing, scheduling, time off management, online time sheets, mobile solutions, as well as the best in biometric employee time clocks.

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So simple yet so powerful

Simple Time and Attendance

1. Easily Clock in/out
Time clock, mobile app, and web

2. Manage Data
Approve hours, run reports

3. Export to Payroll
Works with your favorite provider

Easily Manage Your Employee's
Time and Attendance

Our easy-to-use time and attendance software makes it easier than ever to manage and collect employee data and export payroll anytime, anywhere.

Top Rated Time Clocks

EasyClocking time clocks use the most powerful fingerprint sensors in the world, allowing your employees to clock-in and out of clean and messy environments alike.

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seamless integrations with your favorite payroll software

Simple but powerful interface

Time Tracking Made Easy

EasyClocking’s time and attendance software features a simple yet powerful interface, providing you with real-time data, such as total worked hours, overtime, sick days, and holidays, that can be managed on every web-based device.

Save more time and money

Manage Your Labor Costs

EasyClocking helps you stay compliant with labor laws and save thousands of dollars per year by accurately calculating hours worked and automatically applying overtime policies.

Prevent time theft and save money

Prevent Buddy Punching

Prevent time theft and buddy punching with our biometric fingerprint time clocks, which apply rounding rules and restrict schedules, which can help you save thousands of dollars per employee.

Better insights with powerful analytics

Powerful Reporting

EasyClocking reporting lets you convert data into valuable information. This provides you with instant access and analysis tools to proactively manage your business needs.

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