Next Generation Time & Attendance Software

Easy-to-use web-based leave management

Keep tabs on schedules

Time off tracking

Tracking and managing employee time-off is one of those tedious HR tasks that should be simple, but seldom is! Imagine a system that automatically tracks available and used time-off, keeps tabs on everyone’s scheduled vacation time, records each employee’s requests for time-off and the manager’s response, and maintains actual time-off records forever. Welcome to EasyClocking cloud based time and attendance solution designed for today’s workforce.

Interactive schedule assistant

Time off configuration wizard

Its never been easier to setup time off types and accrual settings within the software with our interactive schedule assistant. This wizard style interface will lead you step by step to create the accrual rules and parameters in a prescribed order so you are never lost. 

Create schedules for 1 or multiple employees Create time off by departments, location, and jobs Add multiple types of time-off Accrue time by the number of hours worked Accrue time by the amount of time worked Create daily, weekly or monthly recurring schedules Set polices dictating maximum amounts allowed to accrue Empower employees with self-service time-off requests View available time-off balances online Instantly see managers approvals or denials Tracks history of time-off

Let us walk you through it.

See how EasyClocking helps thousands of businesses across different industries of all sizes manage their time and attendance needs

Real-time notifications

Actual vs Scheduled Hours

Get instant notification of employees time off request Easily see the available count of employee time off requested
Have the ability to approve or deny the request
The dashboard displays absence type, date and reason for request
Have the flexibility to edit the dates and hours requested
Easily approve or deny all request from one screen



A better, smarter, and faster way of keeping track of employee time.

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Time Off Management

Keep track of time-off requests, uses, responses, and vacation time.

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Job Costing

Easily track, manage, and assign pay rates to jobs and projects.

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Online Timesheets

Never rely on physical paper or manual time clocks again.

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Overtime Management

Stay compliant with software that helps you manage overtime.

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Powerful Reporting

Create reports automatically and have instant access to your data.

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Export Payroll

Payroll is a breeze with our simple to use export system.

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Employee Self Service

Give your staff access to their schedules anytime, anywhere.

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Access our time and attendance software even when you’re on the go.

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Take our expert advice

We know that time and attendance can be complicated, let us help you decide a tailored solution that is right for your business.