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Time and Attendance Software

EasyClocking time and attendance software provides you with solutions that empower you to make real time decisions, resulting in easily converted and organized data.

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Easily Manage Your Employee's
Time and Attendance

Our easy-to-use time and attendance software makes it easier than ever to manage and collect employee data and export payroll anytime, anywhere.

Powerful and easy to use interface

Better Time Tracking

EasyClocking’s browser based time and attendance software features a powerful and easy to use interface, giving you instant real time insight to effectively manage your company’s data virtually anywhere. This dramatically reduces the number of hours required to process and calculate total worked hours, including overtime, vacation, sick days, and holidays.

Start saving money from day one

Control Labor Costs

EasyClocking’s time and attendance solution helps you eliminate calculation errors by accurately calculating hourly totals and automatically applying overtime policies accordingly. This helps you stay compliant with labor laws and save thousands or more dollars per year.

seamless integrations with your favorite payroll software

Eliminate buddy punching for good

Eliminate Time Theft

Our biometric time clocks help you eliminate time theft by applying rounding rules and restricting schedules, as well as eliminating buddy punching, helping you save hundreds if not thousands per employee in the long run.

Access from any web-browser

Browser Based Interface

Our browser based interface lets employees and administrators easily access our software via a web-browser, allowing every employee to stay connected.

Gain insights with analytic reports

Powerful Analytics

Easily convert data into actionable, valuable information with EasyClocking reporting solutions. Gain instant access to reporting, query, and analysis tools that enable your organization to proactively manage business needs, instead of just reacting to them.

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Even with the most innovative tools at your disposal, you need a team of experts behind them. That’s why we provide unrivaled customer support that moves way beyond standard troubleshooting.

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A better, smarter, and faster way of keeping track of employee time.

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Time Off Management

Keep track of time-off requests, uses, responses, and vacation time.

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Job Costing

Easily track, manage, and assign pay rates to jobs and projects.

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Online Timesheets

Never rely on physical paper or manual time clocks again.

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Overtime Management

Stay compliant with software that helps you manage overtime.

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Powerful Reporting

Create reports automatically and have instant access to your data.

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Export Payroll

Payroll is a breeze with our simple to use export system.

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Employee Self Service

Give your staff access to their schedules anytime, anywhere.

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Access our time and attendance software even when you’re on the go.

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