Xenio R700® Rugged and Portable Time Clock

A rugged and portable multispectral fingerprint sensor for rough and busy workplaces that collects real time employee data in any environment.

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Great for rough and busy environments

All-Environment Ready

The Xenio R700 is the toughest time clock on the market, featuring a multispectral fingerprint sensor for rough and busy workplaces. From construction sites to industrial factories, the Xenio R700 collects real time employee data in any environment.

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On-the-go time and attendance

Mobile Functionality

The Xenio R700 uses 3G, POE, and Wi-Fi technology, as well as lithium-ion battery power, to work on-the-go for up to 12 hours. Its built-in handle and durable exterior make it easy to take with you no matter where the job is.

Restrict Early In/Late Out

Control costly overtime hours by restricting when employees can clock in or out.

Employee punches in real-time

Real-Time Data

Get employee data in real-time with our cloud based software, with a built-in 3G SIM module, POE, and WiFi capabilities. The Xenio R700 can also work offline, allowing you to always collect employee data and have it safely stored for when you go back online.

Strong and reliable anywhere

Optimal Durability

Built for the toughest jobs around, the Xenio R700 can work in all types of messy, busy, and high-traffic environments, always ensuring you can clock-in or out.

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