A Letter to Our Customers

Covid-19 Coronavirus Impact on Time and Attendance

Dear Customer,

We know these are trying times for the entire world, with some impact also on our business and day-to-day lives. We all look for meaningful and timely suggestions to address our concerns.

Here are some from your friends at EasyClocking regarding your employee time tracking:

1) What if employees are temporarily required to work remote?

  • Use our mobile app to clock-in/out with geolocation capabilities.
  • Use our browser based PC web app for clocking in/out.


2) What if employees are concerned about touching the time clock sensor?

  • Use our mobile app to clock-in/out with geolocation capabilities. 
  • Use our browser based PC web app for clocking in/out. 
  • Use RFID Proximity Cards for clocking in/out, instead of biometrics.
  • Use Iris recognition for clocking in/out, instead of biometrics.

Additionally, we will be providing free RFID cards to customers who need them; just pay for shipping and handling. We will also be providing our mobile app for free.

As always, we recommend keeping your timeclock devices disinfected periodically by wiping them down with rubbing alcohol, as disinfectant wipes might damage the sensor. This is recommended even if you are using a time clock with minimal contact.

We wish your company uninterrupted and continued business, and your entire business family safety and health.

As they say – “This too shall pass” 

If you have any additional questions,  please contact us at (888) 783-1493

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