Sunny Group Case Study

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With the use of EasyClocking’s advanced fingerprint technology Sunny Group of Companies heightens their multifaceted organization.

Business Overview

Sunny Group of Companies is a company with diversified interests currently encompassing holdings in education, retail, leisure, and security. Sunny Group began in 1981 as a distributor of educational books then expanded their enterprise to encompass the distribution and creation of multimedia products. Eventually, Sunny Groupof Companies became one of the top 4 retailers in the world of home and reference books. Having experienced success within the educational field, Sunny Group of Companies decided to diversify their organization. Sunny Group of Companies expanded their successful business model of socially responsible innovative ideas and progressive developments to the leisure and security global markets. To date Sunny Group of Companies holds gambling licenses in 5 countries across 2 continents and through their security division combats criminal activities globally with personalized security for its clients.


EasyClocking’s EC500-W biometric time clocks helped Sunny Group of Companies continue their pattern of sustained growth within the varied fields of education, retail, leisure, and security.  Sunny Group of Companies’ use of the EC500-W biometric time clocks streamlined once time consuming processes of time and attendance. EasyClocking’s biometric time clock solution aligned with Sunny Group of Companies’ company culture of being innovative yet reliable. Sunny Group of Companies ever expanding organization transitioning from an antiquated method of time of attendance (clock-incards) to the more reliable EC500-W biometric time clocks provides them with a quick and easy solution to time and attendance.


With massive company expansions Sunny Group of Companies was experiencing an issue often faced by organizations going through rapid growth and expansion.  In order to plan for continued success and sustained growth a better more efficient process of time of attendance was in need . With over 1500 employees a necessity arose within their human resources department for more accurate information regarding attendance reports, shift information, and accruals hours. These issues regarding time and attendance were fast becoming a hindrance that if left unchecked would have compounded and dampened Sunny Group of Companies’ upward trajectory of continued growth and success.

The EasyClocking Solution

Having done their research and product testing different methods of time and attendance Sunny Group of Companies stumbled upon EasyClocking’s advanced fingerprint time clock the EC500-W, deeming this solution of time attendance the most beneficial for their organization needs. Purchasing 9 units for use across their facilities, Sunny Group has experienced a reduction in their time and attendance processes. EasyClocking’s time and attendance software ease of uses allows Sunny Group of Companies’ employees the possibility of mobile and web clocking through their web based portal. EasyClocking’s mobile application empowers employees with the ability to review and approve their timecards anytime, anywhere. The use of EasyClocking’s EC500-W fingerprint technology allows for employees to punch-in regardless of whether hands are wet or dry. The security of this biometric technology ensures that regardless of location accurate information is given regarding which employees are doing the clocking in.

EasyClocking EC500 Advanced Fingerprint Time Clock

Immediate Benefits:


EasyClocking’s user friendly web based software portal gives unparalleled access to managers regarding employee’s time attendance reports. This convenience reduced the strain of time attendance processes on Sunny Group of Companies managers allowing for the opportunity to focus their efforts elsewhere and maximizing organizational productivity.


EasyClocking assembles all products within the United States of America. All EasyClocking products go through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. Sunny Group of Companies was particular assured in knowing that all products were of the same quality regardless of whether it was the first or last order.


Sunny Group of Companies was able to see an immediate return on their investment through the amount of hours saved by managers on payroll processes.  Operational efficiency and increased productivity provides Sunny Group of Companies managers’ with added time to focus on continuing their history of excellent customer service.