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Case Study

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EasyClocking assists Smith Dray Line in moving on to a better time and attendance solution!

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Business Overview

Smith Dray Line is a premier moving company located in the Carolinas with five locations throughout North and South Carolina. Providing quality service since 1911, Smith Dray Line has established itself as a one stop solution to moving and storage. Smith Dray Line, an agent for Atlas Van Lines, specializes in both residential and commercial moving and storage.


From carriages to moving trucks Smith Dray Line is truly a measure for American continuity within the transportation and logistics industry. Having grown to grand heights, they were in need of an American solution to their time and attendance issues. With the use of EasyClocking’s EC500-W biometric time clock Smith Dray Line found an ultramodern time and attendance solution for its 150 employees. EasyClocking’s EC500-W allowed for a reduction in aggravations associated to once time consuming payroll processes.


Smith Dray Line having sourced biometric technology for use within their organization believed that their time and attendance issues were a thing of the past. They didn’t account however for the changing landscape of technology along with continuous upgrades by Microsoft of their Windows software solution. With compatibility issues arising as well as unpredictable time clocks, Smith Dray Line found themselves in need of a more reliable biometric time and attendance solution. These holdups of services due to poor time and attendance software was costing Smith Dray Line customers and tarnishing their reputation of being the premier moving company within the Carolinas. Smith Dray Line functions within an industry wherein due to the intimacy linked to moving services customers look for hassle free reliable services. Smith Dray Line was in need of a fast reliable time and attendance solution without bottlenecks that would allow for enhancement of their moving and storage capabilities.

The EasyClocking Solution

Smith Dray Line’s hours spent “waiting” for their past time and attendance solution to function made the switch to EasyClocking EC500-W biometric time clocks that much easier. Purchasing 5 time clocks for use within their multiple locations encompassing the Carolinas, Smith Dray Line’s managers were pleasantly surprised at how user friendly EasyClocking’s EC500-W biometric time clocks are. Smith Dray Line’s organization was especially impressed by the simplified tracking ability of EasyClocking’s time and attendance software. EasyClocking’s web based software allows for access from any of Smith Dray Line’s Locations. This flexibility paired with EasyClocking’s mobile app, allowing for mobile clock of employees upon job site arrival, allowed for more efficient optimization of resources by Smith Dray Line.

EasyClocking EC500 Advanced Fingerprint Time Clock

Immediate Benefits:


Due the nature of Smith Dray Line’s moving and storage business the capability of offsite employee clock-ins allows for simplification of a once bothersome time and attendance process. Easy Clocking’s mobile capability give employees the ability to review and approve their time cards on-the-go and eliminates the need to ask supervisors the amount hours worked. The added ability of allowing employees tracking of hours worked online keeps the workforce informed all the while deterring time theft (early clock-ins or clock outs).


EasyClocking’s innovative EC500-W biometric time clock allows for clock-ins regardless of weather or employee fingerprint condition. This fact coupled with the time clock’s built in Wi-Fi put Smith Dray Line management at ease in knowing that factors which could affect product use were limited.


EasyClocking’s automated time and attendance solution saves managers from miscalculations of hours worked and creates an easier platform for the application of overtime policies. These features have accounted for hundreds of dollars in weekly savings by Smith dray Lines.