Iverson Dental Labs Case Study

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Iverson Dental Labs Enhances Their Operational Efficiency with the Use of EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric Time Clock

EasyClocking proud client Iverson Dental Labs

Business Overview

Iverson Dental Laboratories, located in Riverside, California, was founded in 1991 with a vision to provide only the highest quality dental prosthetics to guarantee lifetime customer satisfaction. With a customer centric approach to their operations, Iverson Dental Labs is focused on ensuring healthy and beautiful smiles through brilliant esthetics. Iverson Dental Labs aids dentists across America by renewing thousands of patient’s oral health through restorative dentistry; truly making a positive impact on the self-esteem and health of many lives today.


EasyClocking® helps Iverson Dental labs save time and money through simplifying payroll and attendance processes with the use of EasyClocking’s modern EC500 Biometric Time Clock. EasyClocking’s EC500 cloud-based platform allows for centralized management of employee hours, providing an excellent digital solution to managing employee hours and attendance. This modern solution to tracking hours and attendance alleviated grievances that Iverson Dental Labs had with their previous outdated clock-in management system, while increasing efficiency for their operations. EasyClocking’s Mobile App empowers employees with real time insights, including the ability to view their schedules on the go.


Prior to implementing EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric Time Clock solution, Iverson Dental labs was experiencing common issues arising from the use of outmoded punch-in clock systems. Traditional punch-in clock systems are not only time consuming to manually check, but also costly to upkeep and requires a large amount of organizational coordination. This antiquated system did not provide employees with easy access to their schedules or timesheet records, which imposes management with additional time-consuming tasks to oversee.

The EasyClocking Solution

EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric and RFID Time Clock provided Iverson Dental Labs with a user-friendly digital solution to manage employee hours. With EasyClocking’s EC500 Time Clock cloud-based interface, issues stemming from employee scheduling and accountability were streamlined to the HR manager; allowing extra time to focus on other managerial tasks. The value added to their operations and the security provided through biometric identification helped alleviate frustrations that once arose from manual paper-based time calculations. EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric and RFID Time Clock eliminated the risk of human error, accurately tracking and processing employee clock-ins.

EasyClocking has simplified our payroll process, saving us time and money by reducing Human Resource labor that results in net savings for Iverson Dental labs Inc.

 – Iverson Dental Labs

EasyClocking EC500 Advanced Fingerprint Time Clock

Immediate Benefits:


Through EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric software Iverson Dental Labs was able to recoup an immediate return of 2 hours saved on each payroll-processing period. Manually calculating hours via time cards is a thing of the past because digital technologies are increasing the speed and accuracy of employee payroll processes. Time saved through EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric solution allowed Iverson’s management team to better allocate resources to manage their 35 employees.


EasyClocking’s cloud-based software exceeded Iverson’s expectations when the system made it easier for their employees and managers to keep track of schedules. The cloud-based software along with the EasyClocking® Mobile App empowers employees to keep track of their hours, as well as requesting time off without having to physically visit management.


Iverson Dental Labs can rest assured in knowing that EasyClocking’s EC500 biometric time clock is made in America. American-made products provide jobs for the betterment of the U.S. economy. A knowledgeable team of technical experts located in the United States supports EasyClocking’s products. Iverson Dental Labs places confidence in EasyClocking®, knowing they are in good hands with EasyClocking’s EC500 Biometric Time Clock overseeing their employee’s hours and attendance.