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Case Study

EasyClocking proud customer Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos

See how the RDC Resorts effectively implemented a fingerprint time clock solution for over 12,000 employees.

The Problem

The RDC Resorts owns and operates 4 all inclusive Hard Rock Hotel & Casino properties in Cancun, Vallarta, Riviera Maya, & Punta Cana. They employ over 12,000 employees. RDC Resorts was using a barcode system to track employee time and attendance. On any given day, RDC’s 12,000 plus employees may work in multiple areas across the plant, starting their shift in one location and finishing in another, due to this large amount of personnel it was very difficult to control “buddy punching”, a practice where one employee punches the time card of another employee, and sometimes several employees. Some workers were doing this out of convenience, because punching the clock involved traveling back to the original time clock location. Other employees were doing “favors” for their coworkers, punching them in and out when they might not even be on site. Even those employees who were doing their best to follow company policies by traveling back to punch out at the original location were costing RDC in unnecessary time.

RDC was looking for a reliable biometric time clock system for some time. They selected a fingerprint time clock from a company in the USA equipped with a basic optical scanner, and implemented a test pilot at one of their locations. The error rates were staggering at over 30% failure rates, due to the nature of their business most employees are hands on and get their hands dirty, optical fingerprint sensors read the outer layer of the fingerprint, under ideal, clean conditions these sensors work just fine, but if the fingerprint is dry, wet, damaged, dirty, or cut you will see a significant failure rate in the identification of employees. RDC pulled the plug on the test pilot and went back to the drawing board.

RDC Resorts turned to EasyClocking to solve these problems through the use of our cloud based time and attendance system and advanced fingerprint time clocks with “push” technology.

“We had a serious issue on our hands with employee time theft, it was costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.”.

Jorge Vieyra, Project Manager / RDC Resorts

EasyClocking USB Fingerprint Scanner EC30 Enrollment Device

The EasyClocking Solution

As with most projects, the first step was identifying the pain points the customer is experiencing, and come up with a plan to address their specific needs. One requirement was that employees be able to log in and out at any clock, regardless of where they were in the resort. EasyClocking’s time clocks with “push” technology, and centralized cloud based time & attendance system easily resolved this issue, time clocks were installed at strategic points in the properties, employees were able to clock in at one location and clock out at another. Due to the amount of personnel turnover, they needed a real time solution that was synchronized both at the time clock and software. The EasyClocking system is 100% synchronized in real time, when a user is added in the software and permission is assigned to a specific time clock, the data is sync instantly allowing the employee to clock in or out immediately.

RDC Resorts was able to accomplish all of this with EasyClocking’s cloud based time and attendance software and the world’s most advanced fingerprint time clocks EC30 along with the PC time clock edition.

The second requirement was eliminating employee time theft through the use of fingerprint authentication. Due to their previous experience with fingerprint time clocks, we recommended the use of our EC30 USB advanced fingerprint readers connected to a pc station with our time clock application installed. The EC30 fingerprint sensor reads fingerprint characteristics that are at beneath the surface of the skin. This enhanced data capture mitigates traditional system vulnerabilities and makes our technology the most secure and convenient alternative for identity authentication. Our sensor is able to collect and process fingerprint images in a manner that makes fingerprint authentication and identification more robust, more inclusive and more reliable than other fingerprint sensors, which are vulnerable to a variety of conditions including the presence of topical contaminants, moisture, and bright ambient light. Simply stated, our sensors work where other technologies fail.

The Results

After using EasyClocking for just one year, we saw over $300,000 in savings,” said Vieyra. “The time we recouped by eliminating buddy punches alone was astounding. We also have much better information about how our employees work and what our labor costs really are”. Vieyra also appreciated the personal attention he and his team received from EasyClocking. “These kinds of transitions are never easy. When working with vendors, a lot of the time we want A and they want to give us C,” he said. “EasyClocking was on the same page as we were from the beginning, and they set appropriate expectations so we knew what to anticipate. They were very honest about the work that needed to be done up front. They helped us walk before we ran.”

EasyClocking’s cloud based time and attendance system, helped RDC Resorts save over $300,000 in payroll cost. By automating and centralizing their payroll process and eliminating error driven and intentional time theft.


If you are a company with multiple locations you must know how difficult it is to manage time data, and centralize it to effectively process payroll on time. EasyClocking’s advanced fingerprint time clocks and next generation cloud based time & attendance software features a powerful and easy to use interface which gives you instant real time insight to effectively manage your company’s time attendance data virtually anywhere, dramatically reducing the number of hours required to process employee time & attendance and automatically calculating total worked hours including overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays. Our reporting solutions empower you with informed real time decision making capabilities so you can easily convert data into actionable, valuable information.