Delco Remy
Case Study

Delco Remy optimizes their workforce with the use of EasyClocking’s EC 50-M MIFARE Proximity Time Clock

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Business Overview

Delco Remy is a leading conglomerate specializing in the manufacturing of starters, alternators and electrical components for worldwide distribution. Delco Remy is a known brand leader within the automotive, heavy duty, and transportation industry having been around since the dawn of the automobile industry. Delco Remy was established in 1896, by brothers Frank and Perry Remy who went on to develop the Remy Magneto which was used to power early automobiles. Delco Remy has now grown to become the leading global manufacturer and remanufacturer of automotive parts, including starters, alternators and hybrid motors. Delco Remy encompasses facilities on five continents with thousands of employees worldwide.


EasyClocking helped optimize Delco Remy’s time and attendance processes by transitioning from the outdated traditional push card system to EasyClocking’s contemporary EC-50M which incorporates the latest in RFID technology. DelcoRemy’s switch from their previous system of time and attendance helped make it more efficient to manage employee clock in’s, a once bothersome and time consuming process. Through the use of EasyClocking’s MIFARE card technology managers and employees obtained a more convenient process of time and attendance which allowedfor more effective use operational duties.


Prior to Delco Remy’s switch to the EC50-M MIFARE time clock managers of the organization were experiencing the troubles of utilizing an outdated process of time and attendance. While the use of time clocks to manage employee work hours is one that goes back to the 1800’s advancements in technology has rendered this once innovative technology obsolete. Delco Remy with its multiple locations and high employee workforce was in need of a more innovative solution to time management. Issues with accountability and costs associated with paper punching made transitioning to a more reliable green process a top priority.

The EasyClocking Solution

The use of EasyClocking’s EC50-M MIFARE time clock has revolutionized Delco Remy’s operations by streamlining processes that were once cumbersome and labor intensive. With the purchase of EasyClocking’s EC50-M MIFARE time clock Delco Remy’s time and attendance issues revolving around job costings, employee scheduling, and accountability have been resolved. EasyClocking’s EC50-M MIFARE time clock has provided Delco Remy with the ability to download and upload records. This feature gave managers unforeseen real time access to the comings and goings of employees within their operations. This technology backed up by EasyClocking’s exceptional customer service has given Delco Remy executives the peace of mind of knowing that once fragrant issues regarding time and attendance are now a thing of the past.

EasyClocking EC50 Mifare Time Clock

Immediate Benefits:


Delco Remy’s switch to EasyClocking’s cloud based time and attendance system has allowed for a reduction in hours spent on payroll processes following the age old adage of time saved is a dollar earned. Delco Remy’s switch to EasyClocking’s RFID MIFARE time cards has allowed for a savings in monthly expenses once associated to paper time slots. This transition to RFID cars (a one-time expense) allows for a reduction in paper use,creating a greener company outlook and elevating their standing in the corporate community.


The use of EasyClocking’s EC-50M MIFARE time clock has allowed for Delco Remy managers to easily track jobs on the time clock. Managers can use EasyClocking time management software to readily track employee activity on work sites or designated projects. Data provided by EasyClocking’s time management software allows for virtual in-depth analyses of operational comings and goings.


EasyClocking’s knowledgeable staff has helped Delco Remy seamlessly transition from their previous system of time managementto the EC-50M time clock. EasyClocking’s American assembly of their products has helped Delco Remy bypass issues that sometimes arise from products stemming from overseas manufacturers. The quality control processes in place at Easy Clocking have helped alleviate Delco Remy’s fears of product reliability, making their decision to switch EasyClocking an easy one.