Container First Services Case Study

EasyClocking proud clients CFS

Container First Services saves big with the use of EasyClocking’s web based time and attendance software.

EasyClocking proud clients CFS

Business Overview

Container First Services established in 2008 is a leading provider of waste management and recycling solutions located in Petersburg, Virginia. Container First services is renown in the tri-city area of Virginia for its integrated waste solutions providing smarter, more cost effective strategies to waste management.


EasyClocking’s successful software implementation at Container First Services helped grow and add value to their company by facilitating long running issues once associated to payroll and time management. The ease of use and flexibility of EasyClocking’s software helped make Container First Services time management process more efficient,allowing managers to track vacation and sick leave accruals remotely from any of their four locations.This transition from their previous time and attendance softwarelet Container First Services focus their efforts on what they do best, providing quality waste management within their community.


Prior to Container First Services’ switch to EasyClocking’s web based time and attendance software they were stuck in the archaic world of manual time and attendance processing. Container First Services knew that in order to sustain their upward trajectory of growth and success a flexible, yet reliable, cloud based time and attendance system would be needed to match their grand ambitions. Their previous system of manual time management was inefficient, causing strain as well as added labor to employees and managers alike. With multiple locations,the need to provide accurate vacation times, sick leave accruals, and employee work hours to their payroll provider, a change in their clock in system was deemed a necessity.

The EasyClocking Solution

Having determined a need for a cloud based time and attendance system Container First Services went in search for the best time clock software around.  Container First Services settled on EasyClocking’s EC500-W biometric fingerprint time clocks due to the benefits provided with their multi spectral fingerprint scanning technology.  This premium biometric fingerprint time clock eliminates “buddy punching” the practice wherein one worker would clock-in for another. The EC500-W biometric fingerprint time clock provides Container First Services with a real time view of the time and attendance of employees, all of which is broadcasted wirelessly to the EasyClocking software. The EasyClocking software provided grants Container First Services the possibilities to manage job costings (a task management feature), paid time off management, mobile solutions, timesheets, and scheduling. Unlike most time clocks sold today the EC500-W also has the added benefit of being a standalone device with an internal battery in case of power outages and does not require a computer to collect employee time. Container First Services purchase of four EC500-W’s to be used throughout their operations accomplished their goal of having a reliable yet flexible time and attendance solution for their business.

EasyClocking EC500 Advanced Fingerprint Time Clock

Immediate Benefits:


Since the implementation of EasyClocking’s web based time reporting solution all of Container First Services managers have access to the biometric time clocking software to monitor their employees. The flexibility garnered from this web based time reporting technology allows for remote access from any of their four locations.This unprecedented 24/7 progressive report of employee hours gives them an accurate portrayal of employee clock-ins.

By switching to EasyClocking’s time and attendance software solution, Container First Services reduced a process that use to take hours to mere seconds.With the use of this biometric time clock software all of their time clock information is but a click away from being exported to their payroll provider.

Container First Services implementing EasyClocking’s time management solution has freed up time once spent by managers on the gathering of payroll information. Hours saved on once daily time and attendance processes have helped the company recoup their investment tenfold. By allowing managers the time to focus on the more pertinent tasks of motivating employees and increasing productivity Container First Services is better prepared today for challenges to come.